мр Марина Вела Нуњез

потомак легендарног Мексичког револуционара Панча Виље (1878-1923)





Marina Vela Nuñez
Computer System Engineer
M.Sc. in Robotic
D.O.B. 21-06-1975
Mexican Citizen

c/o Carnevale,
Via P. Angei Da Barga,
Pisa, Italy. 56123
Mobile +39-3348664420


To be in a constant personal and professional self-development environment. In order to continue learning and expanding my work experience; to get opportunities that can take me to confront new challenges in the computing systems field and in my life. I am currently developing an accelerometer-driven body tracking suit to enhance human participation and navigation in immersive virtual environments.


At present,   I am attending a PhD in Perceptual Robotics at the Sant’Anna University in Pisa, Italy, at the PERCRO laboratory.
Advisor:       Prof. Carlo Alberto Avizzano

2004-2007    M. Sc. Master of Engineering in Intelligent Interaction Technologies, Intelligent Robot Laboratory, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Subject:        “Autonomous mobile robot navigation in indoor environments”.
Supervisors: Prof. Shinichi Yuta, Prof. Takashi Tsubouchi, and Prof. Akihisa Ohya 

1993-1998     B.Sc. in Computer System Engineering, Instituto Tecnologico de Durango, Mexico (Professional Identification: 3641465)
                      Graduation research thesis: E-commerce methodology development and marketing strategies on the Internet .
                      Practical implementation of the E-commerce on the web site of Yahoo, for “CHERRY’S Don Hugo”company.


  • 08.2007 – 11.2007 Sant’Anna University, at the Gustavo Stefanini laboratory, in La Spezia, Italy in the project: “Study and Projection of Algorithms for communication by Network of three-dimensional models and projection of the final interface to the users”
  • 01.2003 – 04.2003 – CONALEP, the National College for Professional Technical Education, Local office, Durango, Mexico. Advisor on the start-up and implementation of the project “Open Education”
  • 02/01/2002-11/30/2002 – CONALEP, the National College for Professional Technical Education, National Office, Toluca, Mexico. Academic coordinator of areas of Mechanic, Metallurgy, Production Processes and Transformation. I was supervising a group of 32 specialists.
  • 06/07/1999-04/29/2001 – AAMSA YAZAKI, a Japanese company, Durango, Mexico. Quality Control Supervisor – inspections and training coordination of the personal.
  • 1998 -1999 – TEHNICOM Company, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Software Developer. 



English (Fluent), Japanese (Intermediate), Spanish (Native language), Italian (Intermediate).


General: E-Business, latex.
Programming: MATLAB, Turbo C, C++, visual Fox Pro, Fox Pro, Pascal, Assembler.
Operating System: MS DOS, Window, Linux.


2009  I am currently attending the curse of Fundamentals of mechanics of robots
2008  Conscioussness/mind-body issues”
2007  Embedded mechatronics,” and “computer graphics for virtual environments.” 
2000  E-commerce: Step by Step¨, Instituto Universitario Anglo Español , Durango, Mexico. E-commerce on Internet.
1999  “Quality, Cost, Delivery, Moral, Security”, AAMSA YAZAKI, Durango, Mexico. Products quality and sales improvement.
1999  “QS – 9000”, AAMSA YAZAKI, Durango, Mexico. Quality standards system.
1999  “Quality control Circles”, AAMSA YAZAKI, Durango, Mexico. Company strategies.
1999  “DALIO 5´S”, AAMSA YAZAKI, Durango, Mexico. Discipline, Adjustment, Cleaning, Impeccability and Order – A Japanese strategy used by YAZAKI group.
1998 System support for Electronic Business on the Internet, University of Electrical En


I gave a lecture “Experience in Cooperation with Japanese Industry” in the Symposium of YU-INFO 2001 (Category of young talent), Kopaonik, Yugoslavia
Participated in internal conferences on the intelligent Robot Laboratory, University of Tsukuba, Japan

2004 – My Current Research Interests (Simultaneous Map-Building Localization for Autonomous Mobile Robot)
2004   Using Yamabico Mobile Robot Platform
2005   Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation
2005   Map Based Navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robots
2005   Position Correction of Autonomous Mobile Robot
2006   Position Correction of Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Ultrasonic Sensors
2006   Position Correction of Autonomous Mobile Robot Using a Linear Array of Three Ultrasonic Sensors

I have participated in the internal demo program competition on the Intelligence Robot Laboratory, University of Tsukuba, Japan. With the demo programs of’:
2005 “Wall follow” Two mobile robots navigate simultaneously thought three square obstacles.
2006 “AEROBOT” A mobile robot will follow the rhythms of a song and performance a sequence of steps.
2008 I participated in a internal conference “SKILLS” at the Perceptual Robotics at the Sant’Anna University in Pisa, Italy..

My Current Research Interests are Virtual Reality, Gestures recognition, tracking recognition and mobile robot navigation with human interaction using virtual and real environments.

Addendum to the resume of Marina Vela Nuñez

Brought up in a spirit of hard work, I love to learn new things. I would like to visit different places of the world and to know new cultures. I had been in different parts of the world as Italy, France, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Israel, Egypt, USA, Thailand, Tunis, Japan, Germany, Czech Republic etc. And I have shared a lot of time with Japanese people which have taught me a lot about their culture.


Further information can be given upon request.


Dr. Massimo Bergamasco, Sant’Anna University at Pisa, Italy, bergamasco@sssup.it
Dr. Shinichi Yuta, University of Tsukuba, yuta@roboken.esys.tsukuba.ac.jp;
Dr. V. Milutinovic, University of Belgrade, vm@etf.bg.ac.yu;
Dr. Jorge Solis Alfaro, University of Waseda at Tokyo, solis@kurenai.waseda.jp

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